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The 6Ms of Fruitfulness on our Frontlines

Here's a reminder of the 6 M's of Fruitfulness on our Frontlines - 6 things to pray we may do & be in the places and among the people that God has set us. so that we might make a difference to His glory and to the blessing of others, as a means of pointing them to the Lord Jesus:

M1    Modelling godly character - The fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5.22-23) at work in your actions, words and thoughts

M2    Making good work - Doing everything to and for the glory of God

M3     Ministering grace and love - Going the extra mile for others 

M4      Moulding culture - Finding ways to make changes for the better

M5      Being a Mouthpiece for truth and justice - Combatting lies, snuffing out gossip, working for justice

M6      Being a Messenger of the gospel - Sharing the hope that you have in Jesus and the difference he makes to your life

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