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Are you a container or a conduit for your money?

There are so many warnings in the Bible about the dangers of money (e.g. Matthew 6.24 or 1 Timothy 6.9-10) - here's a quotation from Paul Tripp that encourages us to think carefully and clearly about our own relationship to our money:

There is a way in which you and I are always viewing ourselves as either a container or a conduit for the money we are given. Either we want money to stop with us because we have conceived many ways that it will make our life better, easier, or more pleasurable, or we think of ourselves as a pipeline and are excited that the money we have been given can bless and benefit the lives of others. Either our money is the currency that pays the bills for the small-market visions of the kingdom of self, or it is a God-given tool in our hands for participating in the big-picture work of the kingdom of God.

 The quotation came from an article adapted from Paul Tripp's book Redeeming money: How God reveals and re-orients our hearts. You can find the whole article here: 10 things you should know about money
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