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Abortion: from controversy to civility

The subject of abortion is never easy to talk about in public but I was directed towards what is I think an excellent example of someone seeking to present a pro-life view in a manner that is engaging and sensitive and addresses the many questions - often painful and personal questions - that this whole subject evokes. Stephanie Gray is a Pro-life activist and international speaker, who for many years worked as Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical reform and more recently has established her own ministry, Love unleashes life. I noticed on the home page of her own website (http://www.stephaniegray.info/) she has the words of Dr Martin Luther King 'Whom you would change, you must first love and they must know that you love them.' She was recently asked to give a talk on the subject of abortion to the staff at Google and did so under the title Abortion:from controversy to civility. You can listen to it here Stephanie Gray speaking at Google
 It's lengthy but well worth listening to.
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